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Hidden gems are good but not for your brand. Be visible to your dream audience & drive the desired ROI. Our youthful team of SEO experts craft data-driven SEO strategies for your brand that get you to the top.

1Competitive Analysis

We split your competition to understand their strengths and weaknesses so that we may devise a tactic that will drive your website higher in search results.

2Keyword Research and Targeting

We find out what your customers are looking for as far as keywords are concerned and get the right optimization on your site for those keywords.

3Website Design and Content Optimization

Ensure your website has a great design and the content is optimized so your audience can easily search for something.

4Technical SEO Audit

We crawl your website to identify any technical issues that might be hindering your website's ranking by the search engine and ensure proper fixes are implemented to ensure optimal performance.

5Backlink Building

We develop strategies on how to earn quality backlinks from other web pages relevant to you; this boosts your website's authority and trust within the search engines.

6Local SEO Optimization

We assist regional brands in making their online presence accessible to local audiences.

7On-page Optimization

We improve the title tags, meta descriptions, and on-page content on your website for optimal search engine rankings and a flawless user experience.

8Content Marketing Strategy

We create an SEO-focused content marketing plan that will establish you as a thought leader, attract your target audience, and increase organic traffic to your website.

9Performance Tracking & Reporting

We will track your SEO progress with complete reports that will let you measure the power of our efforts and help you make informed choices to improve strategies.

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Mobile Optimization

This is the smartphone generation, & your brand must have a website that is truly optimized for mobile phones. Our SEO experts make sure your website is mobile-friendly, keeping those thumbs happy and scrolling to your content.


Video SEO

Attention spans are getting shorter with each passing day, but no worries! We optimize your videos for search engines and make them rank higher and grab those viewers.


Web Marketing & Analytics

Marketing alone can't hold your brand, it needs data mastery! Our expertise lies in crafting targeted campaigns. We track results, so you can see exactly what's working (and what's not).


Reporting & KPIs

We believe in clear communication & transparency, and ensure you get clear reports with key performance indicators (KPIs) that show your progress and ROI.


Traffic Generation

We strategize & create SEO strategies to attract the right audience, drive more traffic, and boost your brand awareness.


Lead Management

Not just window shopping, we craft SEO strategies to capture leads and nurture them with targeted strategies that help in converting interest into sales.


Authority Building

A website is nothing without great authority ranking. Our SEO team builds your brand's authority through strategic link-building and content marketing and makes you the go-to source.


Conversion Optimization

More visitors and more leads lead to more conversions! We optimize your website to convert visitors into paying customers and maximize your return on investment.


Technical Expertise

Our tech-savvy SEO team tackles any technical SEO issues, and ensures your website is search engine friendly from the ground up.

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Process

  • 1Discovery & Research
  • 2Strategy & Planning
  • 3On-Page Optimization
  • 4Off-page Optimization & Link Building
  • 5Performance Monitoring
  • 6Constant Improvement & Growth

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Their tailored approach to digital marketing has significantly increased my visibility as a neurosurgeon, helping me reach patients in need.

Dr. Ratnadip Bose

client1 client1 client1 client1 client1

Their expertise in digital marketing has been pivotal in promoting my ayurvedic clinic, reaching a broader audience interested in holistic health solutions.

Dr. Deepmala Dev

client1 client1 client1 client1 client1

Their innovative marketing techniques have propelled my clothing brand to new heights, fostering customer engagement and brand loyalty.

Miss Pooja Singh

client1 client1 client1 client1 client1

Thanks to their strategic digital marketing campaigns, my bakery has seen a surge in online orders and foot traffic, translating to increased revenue.

Mrs. Ritika Agarwal

client1 client1 client1 client1 client1

Their digital marketing prowess has been essential in promoting my bar, attracting patrons and enhancing our online reputation in the competitive nightlife scene.

Mr. Akshay Diwedi

client1 client1 client1 client1 client1

As CEO of a large hospital, I've witnessed tangible results from their digital marketing efforts, driving patient engagement, trust in our services, and footfall.

Mr.Prem Kiran Nath

client1 client1 client1 client1 client1

Their digital marketing strategies have played a crucial role in elevating my real estate business, generating leads and driving conversions in a competitive market.

Mr.Swarup Kanti Sinha

client1 client1 client1 client1 client1

As a skin care clinic owner, I've found their digital marketing strategies to be instrumental in attracting new clients and boosting our online presence.

Dr.Kinnor Das


Frequently Asked Questions

SEO is an ongoing process, however, with the right strategy & content you can see the results within a few months. You can see the improvements in ranking & traffic in 6-12 months depending on the competition.

Backlinks are links from other websites to your website. Search engines consider backlinks a sign of trust and authority, which can improve your website's ranking.

SEO costs vary and it all depends on the service, industry, competition, etc. However, you can book a free SEO consultation with us and get the right guidance for your brand. At YantraMedia, we offer customized SEO packages that fit every brand’s budget and goals.

There’s no lie that an individual can do SEO by themselves, but remember that is just basic SEO. It is always recommended to get the best SEO services from experienced SEO companies.

If you hire an SEO company, you get the specialized expertise of SEO strategy, high-quality content, website optimization & growth scope. An SEO company always stays updated on the latest SEO trends and algorithms.

Talking about the best, no company is best. Yes, it’s true, if you are a brand and looking for the best SEO services in Gurgaon then you can book free consultations & check if the thoughts, ethics & budget align with you or not. If yes then pick that company for your brand. YantraMedia is always one of the fastest-growing SEO agencies in Gurgaon& also offers free SEO consultation.